South Shore Drill Team uses performing arts to engage inner-city youth throughout their critical teenage years, mitigating the dangers of gangs, drugs, and violence, while guiding members towards completing their education and career goals.

In 1980, Chicago public school teacher Arthur Robertson founded South Shore Drill Team to offer a positive and creative outlet for inner-city youth. What began with four neighborhood teens twirling wooden rifles has grown into a nationally-known organization that performs at more than 70 events and serves more than 300 young people ages 8 to 24 every year.

Like A Second Family

Well-known for its electrifying precision-drilling and wide range of dance routines, the Drill Team has performed at Walt Disney World, the NFL Hall of Fame,and two presidential inaugurations, and is the fan favorite at Chicago’s Bud Billiken and dozens of other parades.

The group’s mission extends far beyond entertainment, however. First and foremost, the organization is a prevention program, devoted to helping young people in some of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods steer clear of gangs, drugs, and violence while developing a strong work ethic, self-confidence, and a respect for themselves and others.

The team’s exciting performances and colorful outfits may change from year to year, but the organization’s focus never will.  “We’re in this to save kids’ lives.

Commercial & Corporate Events

Partnerships with South Shore Drill Team connect companies with an exciting performance group well respected for its mission. Members showcase their abundant talent in commercials, corporate meetings, and grand openings.

Holiday / Themed Events

Parade organizers routinely save South Shore Drill Team for the final spectacular unit at parades on St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July. Team members also perform at Black History Month, Juneteenth, Halloween, and other holiday events throughout the year.

Sporting Events

Team members wow the crowds at professional and college games. They performed at the NBA All Star Weekend, the Indy 500, the Kentucky Derby, and the NFL Hall of Fame, along with hundreds of football and basketball games.

Some of Our Latest Work

Expanding Possibilities

Traveling helps broaden the horizon for our young people. Request a quote for your event today or donate.


It costs about $3,000 a year to provide a child with the experience of being part of a winning team. Compare that to the fact that it costs about $35,000-$60,000 a year to maintain a young person in Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.  Providing quality youth programs may be expensive, but a lack of opportunities is even more so!

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